Why YITH is the most popular WordPress plugins

YITH is one of the most popular WordPress plugin & theme shops. Their prices reflect that, it’s extremely pricey. YITH updates its products often so they keep being compatible with the latest WordPress version, as well as being secure.

If you believe that buying a product was not the right decision and you think that the product you have purchased is not the most suitable for your needs, they will make it right. Within 30 days of purchase, YITH will reimburse the full price paid upon request.

Are you ready to give YITH Premium Plugins a try? GET YITH PREMIUM PLUGINS.

YITH is actually a plugin that is given by WooCommerce. WooCommerce itself is considered one of the leading names that are present behind the growth of WordPress blogs and their popularity. There are several benefits enjoyed by the users, and one of them is the addition of more features to your e-commerce site. The details present here actually help in making the whole blog a lot more unique. They also help in leveling up your blog with the help of a few simple clicks to activate YITH. The features help in attracting more traffic to your site, so more purchases are made on your online store.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms offered on WordPress. It is not only flexible to allow an individual to make quality websites, but it is also extremely easy to handle. You don’t need to learn the language of computers in order to use it. Due to this, anyone can make use of WooCommerce and hence make use of YITH.

Purchasing YITH Products
Anyone can benefit from the features of YITH that are available online, and the best part about them is that most of the goodies are available free of cost. They help in making your website stand out properly from the rest. However, there are also several additional features that are available for use as well, and they play a large role in making your website more relevant by enhancing its features. These additional premium plugins can be purchased legally and easily as well.

Get YITH WooCommerce Compare & Ajax Product Filter Free
There is a useful add-on called WooCommerce Compare, and it has a very specific function to perform as well. The purpose of this extension is to allow the users to feel flexible in comparing different products of their choices in the online shop. The selected products can easily be viewed in a table. This table shows us the data of those particular products in detail in order to compare and analyze their features.

Apart from this, the other feature called the Ajax Product Filter has a purpose of its own. It allows the users to benefit from the features of a product filter that can potentially help in boosting the traffic coming to their e-commerce store. Product filtering is also termed as a faceted search. It helps the customers of the online website to refine their searches of the products of their choice. The filtering can be done according to the characteristics of the products that include the colors, size, price, etc. However, these filters can appear on category, the particular search pages, and the given brand of the product as well.

Test YITH Premium Plugins Without Any Risk
The premium services of YITH can easily be tested before the final product is purchased. This helps you in understanding the product better and getting an idea of how exactly the product actually functions. You can also check which of the particular plugins are more important for your online store as well.

Trying YITH Premium Plugins
There is the option of checking the paid version on a trial basis. This allows the customer to access the features and options available without paying any money. However, the free usage of those features only lasts for a limited amount of time. The true benefit of trial usage helps in increasing registration to your shop and the purchases made. With the YITH WooCommerce Subscription, your customers will also be reminded of the actions they need to fulfill. This increases the percentage of subscription renewal as well.

YITH Has A Plugin For Everything
WordPress forms a large network, and when using the platform, it can often prove to be difficult when you have to find the right plugin and the theme of your choice. The users are often caught up in a situation where they find themselves distracted by the wide amount of options of plugins.

After that, they find another one while looking for the previous plugin, and this keeps on repeating until the users find themselves deep within the pile of more plugins. This makes it even more difficult to make the right choice unless proper filtering is done. To make the whole job a lot easier, you can make use of the YITH Essential Kit. This gives you all the plugins you actually need and download them from one spot for proper activation. Through this, you can have all the necessary tools at your disposal.

Why Choose Yithemes
These themes are there to cater to the users’ needs, and they help them in expressing themselves through their online platform. In an e-commerce site, the wide array of themes plays an important role in providing people with options that are better suited to the identity of their store, along with creating a noticeable online presence.

Try YITH WooCommerce Wishlist & Quick View Pro

The option for WooCommerce Wishlist is available for customers whenever they wish to tag an item of choice for later purchases. This helps in keeping convenient track of the products as some people also like to wait until the respective prices of the products are able to drop. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer to shop at an online store that allows them to keep a wishlist. This feature can also be added easily through the YITH Essentials Kit in order to complete your online store. Apart from this, another notable feature is called the Quick View. It is one of the most effective plugins offered by WooCommerce. Quick View Pro allows the customers on your online store to identify an option by clicking on it to get a better and faster view of the product they are about to select. This feature plays an effective role in making e-commerce sites a lot more user-friendly in the long run.

How To Download And Install YITH Plugins And Themes For Free
YITH plugins and themes can easily be installed, and the premium services can be purchased directly through the online website of the service. Most of the features of YITH are already free of cost, so all the user has to do is visit the online website of YITH and install the features safely. It is relatively easy, and anyone can complete it on their own without any particular professional help.

You Can’t Download YITH’s Premium Themes And Plugins For Free
Most of the features offered by YITH are free of cost, and they play a significant role in improving the outlook and usability of the online store. The free features are often available in the YITH Essentials Kit and can be installed by anyone in need. However, some particular features carry a price tag. These are the premium features that cannot be accessed for free, but they allow your website to stand out from the rest. As a user, you can easily purchase them at the most cost-effective prices possible.

Testing YITH Premium Plugins And Themes For Free
The Premium themes and plugins offered by YITH allow you to have access to exclusive features that are not available to free users of the features. They allow you to enhance your online website easily and create a more effective and interactive site that will stand out in the market competition online as well.

However, there are also several other benefits of premium features and memberships too. Through this, one can automatically gain access to tailored information. You can allow them to have premium products, features, read exclusive books and volumes, etc. One can compare it to having a flawless lesson in a class of students. However, one can also publish resources and products for the customers as well. You can manage independent payments and content releases too.

Some of the additional features include the management of proper courses, membership plans with private access, and the ability to send messages to your customers as well. You can also schedule the publication itself of exclusive content for the sake of your customers. These highly specialized features are available for you in the YITH packages. The main purpose of features like these is to create a plugin and design it in a particular way that would let you remove the difficulties of product management in the reservation for the purchasing customers that you have online. FREE WORDPRESS THEMES
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767694 79.99 Fri, 14 Aug 2015 10:06:32 +0000
Visual Composer and Ultimate, Slider Revolution, touch-friendly design, sticky header and much more) and that can suit any e-commerce or blog site you want to create! Fascinating with its scents of colourful simplicity and genuineness. ]]> 768629 79.99 Thu, 01 Oct 2015 08:55:04 +0000
771303 89.99 Mon, 02 Oct 2017 10:59:15 +0000

  • Your store will be integrated with Active Campaign through API
  • You can create focused registration forms to the newsletter depending on the information you want to get
  • You can send information to Active Campaign essential to create automatisms to increase conversions in your store
  • You will manage the segmentation of users without leaving the store
  • Registration forms to the lists that you create will have the same style/graphic of your store
  • ]]> 794839 299.99
    299.99 Tue, 06 Jun 2017 08:45:52 +0000
  • Customer satisfaction rate will increase by offering a simple and quick refund policy;
  • You will enhance confidence in your customers who refer to the refund policy before purchasing;
  • You will reduce negative feedbacks thanks to a refund system that protects unsatisfied customers.
  • ]]>
    821216 299.99
    179.99 Tue, 10 Oct 2017 06:00:57 +0000
  • You will reduce your server load and band usage
  • You won’t need to worry about running out of space on your server
  • Your files will be safe on Amazon S3
  • ]]>
    883513 299.99
    179.99 Wed, 10 Aug 2016 12:11:09 +0000
  • You will benefit from an effective model business catching the eye of those customers who usually take part in auctions to get products at advantageous prices;
  • You will sell unique and refined products without diminishing their market value by setting a minimum start price to increase the profit margin;
  • You will take advantage of the scarcity and competition principles to offer an ad hoc product, such as a custom or out-of-stock item, that your customers will perceive as unmissable.
  • ]]>
    798762 399.99
    399.99 Tue, 29 Nov 2016 10:52:50 +0000
  • You can set the change of a user role and define the event or action made by the user that will trigger it automatically.
  • You can give value to your users and reward those who purchase more frequently or since a long while by assigning them an ad hoc role.
  • Integrated with other plugins such as YITH Role Based Prices or YITH Points and Rewards, you can loyalize customers and encourage them to purchase by offering discounts and offers to users with a specific role.
  • ]]>
    804616 299.99
    299.99 Thu, 22 Sep 2016 15:17:21 +0000
  • You will strengthen your customers’ trust in your reliability;
  • You will loyalize your customers by always granting them your products at the cheapest price on the market;
  • You will be able to manage your customers’ notifications easily and quickly and encourage them to purchase in real time without the risk they’ll leave your e-commerce while waiting.
  • ]]>
    811453 249.99
    149.99 Wed, 31 Aug 2016 13:45:32 +0000
  • You will fully manage bookings for rooms, apartments, accommodation facilities by also configuring daily or hourly bookings.
  • You will manage bookings and appointments for the services you offer regardless of the type of business. Your customers will be able to book depending on the availability and, if you want, every new booking will be synchronized with your Google Calendar automatically.
  • ]]>
    793536 499.99
    349.99 Tue, 20 Sep 2016 13:36:19 +0000
  • You will encourage users to purchase the products that better suit their needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and considerably reducing support requests and doubts that may prevent them from purchasing.
  • You will increase the average value of the orders guiding users through the purchase of more products by showing them what they exactly need to compose the product they want.
  • ]]>
    790555 299.99
    199.99 Thu, 11 Jan 2018 10:09:52 +0000
  • You can spot and remove from your catalog those products at a loss
  • You can spot and strengthen your marketing strategies for the products with a high-profit margin
  • You can know if some products don’t produce an optimum earning in spite of the number of sales
  • ]]>
    885960 299.99
    199.99 Wed, 10 May 2017 09:09:20 +0000
  • You can customize the Thank you page for the whole shop or for single products.
  • You can increase sales taking advantage of the Thank you page to promote an upsell product, related to the purchase just made
  • You can get indirect advertising for your shop and products by letting your customers share their purchase on social networks.
  • ]]>
    835585 79.99 Wed, 22 Nov 2017 09:04:21 +0000
  • You can encourage customers to purchase a product/service with a special offer just when they are more inclined to complete their purchase.
  • You will increase the conversions of the discounted product (based on studies, 30% of customers takes advantage of the offer) and global sales on your store.
  • ]]>
    802236 299.99
    179.99 Wed, 02 Nov 2016 13:54:29 +0000
  • You will always be able to monitor what happens in your shop in real time (sales, refund requests, order status changes, etc.)
  • You will receive a notification in case one of the products gets out-of-stock or has a low stock
  • ]]>
    804621 249.99
    149.99 Thu, 06 Aug 2015 14:39:07 +0000
  • You will be able to insert the donation form in specific product pages or in a widget to be used on any page of your site;
  • If you offer free products, you will easily and automatically receive donations from your blog/site users;
  • You will be able to manage more donations on the same e-commerce in an advanced way by setting different parameters per every donation configuring, for example, a minimum or maximum price;
  • You will be able to raise funds for social causes or charity events.
  • ]]>
    768568 59.99 Wed, 18 Jan 2017 16:13:52 +0000
  • You will avoid working at a loss due to a payment gateway that has too high fees.
  • You will substantially increase your profit margin reducing the transactions cost.
  • ]]>
    820201 299.99
    179.99 Thu, 19 Jan 2017 14:52:21 +0000
  • You can manage the entire process from ticket sale to the check-in.
  • You can save money for commissions owed to those sites that are usually in charge of ticket sales by managing them on your site.
  • With no intermediary, you will have full control over all your sold tickets.
  • You can boost your income by scheduling an automatic increase of the base price depending on the purchase date.
  • ]]>
    799552 399.99
    249.99 Mon, 30 Jul 2018 13:05:05 +0000
  • You will get rid of those doubts and objections that hinder your sales
  • You will easily and quickly reply to all frequently asked questions from potential customers
  • You will reduce customer service work providing your users with a section where they can find themselves an answer to the common doubts
  • ]]>
    958926 79.99 Thu, 15 Jun 2017 13:29:10 +0000
  • Your partners will be able to manage the shop without having access to the admin area.
  • Your partners will be able to manage the shop without viewing WordPress and WooCommerce backend.
  • You can limit and monitor the changes made by your partners and keep your shop safe from their possible mistakes.
  • ]]>
    799373 299.99
    179.99 Wed, 28 Jun 2017 08:57:11 +0000
  • You will have total control on any redirect based on the IP address, showing only ad hoc pages dedicated to a language or a specific country
  • You will improve your conversion rate by showing custom and targeted contents to your customers
  • ]]>
    830097 299.99
    179.99 Fri, 28 Apr 2017 09:25:03 +0000
  • You will be present on Google shopping without difficulties.
  • You won’t need to fill in complicated files to send.
  • You will be able to manage your product feeds in Google shopping easily.
  • ]]>
    836483 299.99
    299.99 Thu, 12 Mar 2015 15:35:36 +0000
  • You will improve your e-commerce usability by loading products on the page automatically while scrolling so that the user doesn’t have to use the standard pagination;
  • You will be able to highlight a higher number of products in a shorter time and without users making unnecessary actions;
  • You will improve performance on mobile by allowing pagination based on the scrolling so that the user doesn’t need to click on the tiny page numbers.
  • ]]>
    761415 59.99 Fri, 15 May 2015 15:00:06 +0000
  • You will improve your e-commerce customer service by offering real-time support and by answering directly to your users’ requests;
  • You will substantially reduce the number of pending orders and abandoned carts by solving in real-time problems encountered by users or clearing doubts that are preventing them from purchase;
  • You will be able to offer prompt feedback about your users’ needs guiding them through a positive and informed purchase process and enhance your e-commerce reliability.
  • ]]>
    761913 69.99 Thu, 30 Nov 2017 10:52:43 +0000
  • It will increase the average value of the order as your users will be encouraged to purchase more products with just one order.
  • Sales during the holidays will increase substantially since purchasing and shipping gifts through your store will be easier and faster.
  • Those of your customers with different commercial headquarters can purchase from you and ship products where they prefer.
  • ]]>
    864709 299.99
    199.99 Tue, 08 Aug 2017 08:00:08 +0000
  • You can exclude too expensive payment methods for every single product
  • You can choose the payment method to show or hide depending on the cart amount, product tags, etc.
  • You can choose the bank to be used in case of payments with bank transfer
  • ]]>
    864500 299.99
    299.99 Thu, 02 May 2019 07:47:19 +0000
  • You can sync your store point of sale with orders, customers and product listings of your online shop and vice versa. You’ll have full control over your business.
  • You can create a virtual cash register for any business activity (shop, pub, gym and so on) without buying a physical device and save on the expensive yearly subscriptions of the traditional point of sale tools and services.
  • You can use the virtual cash register on any computer, on touch screens and in any new generation web browser.
  • ]]>
    836521 449.99
    449.99 Fri, 02 Sep 2016 13:27:39 +0000
  • You will benefit from the scarcity principle and use the plugin as a marketing tool to trigger in your users the desire to get a product;
  • You will quickly increase your incomes by giving a compelling offer to those purchasing a pre-order product;
  • You will generate sales also for not available products preventing users from searching and buying them on a different site (just like Amazon does).
  • ]]>
    792652 299.99
    199.99 Wed, 26 Jul 2017 13:15:19 +0000
  • You can increase the profit on the sales as you will no longer have to bear the extra shipping costs
  • You can also manage product variations and the shipping by regions, cities, and states for every single product
  • You can allow your customers to know the exact shipping costs charged thanks to the summary on the product
  • ]]>
    830090 299.99
    299.99 Mon, 31 Aug 2015 22:00:10 +0000
  • You will boost sales of products for which customers must select the size, offering them a tool to make a safe purchase and solve any doubt;
  • You will be able to limit returns and refunds of products not matching users’ needs, offering a wider overview of the products you sell;
  • You will improve your site usability and user experience during the purchase, reducing information and/or support requests related to size, weight, etc.
  • ]]>
    769704 59.99 Tue, 25 Jul 2017 07:24:54 +0000
  • You will increase the customer satisfaction rate allowing your users to spare time when placing their orders
  • You can show your retailers only the products you want to make available for the purchase
  • You will have a better and easier management of retailers
  • ]]>
    865895 299.99
    179.99 Mon, 29 Jan 2018 06:08:29 +0000
  • You can pay commissions manually or automatically
  • You can split your store earnings with other business partners
  • You can create and share a store with other partners and split the payments automatically
  • You can benefit from new business models you have precluded so far
  • ]]>
    890593 299.99
    299.99 Fri, 29 Apr 2016 13:17:55 +0000
  • Thanks to the deposit of funds, you will be able to cash in before the actual purchase of your products;
  • You will loyalize users, encouraging them to always purchase on your e-commerce rather than on a different store by using their available credits.
  • ]]>
    788698 299.99
    199.99 Mon, 27 Jul 2015 17:14:57 +0000
  • You will improve the usability of the purchasing process by offering your users a clear overview of the products they have added to cart;
  • You will be able to insert related, cross-sell, and upsell products in the popup to encourage the customer to add more products to cart increasing the order value and your sales.
  • ]]>
    768001 49.99 Fri, 30 Jan 2015 08:37:35 +0000
  • You will be able to substantially increase the number of reviews on your e-commerce (77% of users refer to reviews before purchasing);
  • You will be able to create a review section by making it captivating and even more usable and easy to browse;
  • You will be able to have complete management of reviews by choosing, for example, those to highlight or allowing users to filter them and view the most significant ones
  • ]]>
    757726 79.99 Wed, 05 Aug 2015 15:05:36 +0000
  • You will be able to start cooperations with influencers from your field offering them a percentage on the sales generated thanks to their articles or advertisement on social networks;
  • By creating a stable affiliates net, you will get visibility, commercial power, and, as a consequence, you will boost your e-commerce conversions;
  • You will get visibility and advertisement without investing money beforehand since affiliates will be paid through commissions on sales effectively made thanks to them.
  • ]]>
    768099 99.99 Wed, 24 Jun 2015 13:00:19 +0000
  • You will improve your e-commerce usability by simplifying the advanced search for your products especially if you have many in the catalog.
  • You will increase conversions by making the product search easier and suitable for your customers’ need.
  • ]]>
    52749 79.99 Tue, 13 Jan 2015 16:29:44 +0000
  • You will allow your customers to search and get results in real time without loading other pages and limiting waiting times;
  • You will be able to let your users search within specific categories or tags and filter the results;
  • Users will be able to search by SKU to find products quickly among the products of your catalog;
  • You will be able to include badges and prices in the search results to highlight promotions and on sale products.
  • ]]>
    83397 69.99 Tue, 27 Oct 2015 12:07:47 +0000
  • You will be able to apply automatic cross checks on different variables such as IP address, geolocation, email address, to block all the orders matching suspicious parameters;
  • You will prevent economic loss due to unauthorized transactions that at 90% are reimbursed by the bank and can compromise your e-commerce reputation.
  • ]]>
    772214 69.99 Mon, 23 Feb 2015 09:35:09 +0000
  • You will be able to integrate payments with credit cards in your e-commerce.
  • Your customers will be able to save data related to their payment methods and speed up the checkout process;
  • You will enhance renown and prestige by using a payment gateway universally recognized as one of the most stable and professional.
  • ]]>
    760563 79.99 Fri, 08 May 2015 12:35:09 +0000
  • You will increase your e-commerce conversions adding more value to on sale products (studies proved badges boost conversions up to 55%)
  • You will be able to show users the percentage discount clearly and the actual saving of the purchase of the on sale products;
  • You will be able to create and set custom badges to suit your needs and your e-commerce style.
  • ]]>
    761940 69.99 Fri, 20 May 2016 09:26:37 +0000
  • You will generate and integrate barcodes on the products of your e-commerce automatically and quickly;
  • Thanks to the barcode scan, you will improve the management of your e-commerce order statuses, stock, etc. Everything will be easier and faster;
  • Get a printable list of all barcodes to create stickers for your physical products;
  • Show the barcodes in the product pages and allow your users to search the barcodes to easily find what they are looking for.
  • Integrate with Point Of Sale for quick checkout of physical products.
  • ]]>
    788504 299.99
    299.99 Wed, 09 Sep 2015 12:31:52 +0000
  • You will boost your conversions by taking advantage of the social proof principle (customers are likely to perceive as “popular”, and therefore purchase, products other people have bought before them.)
  • You will enhance, automatically and easily, your e-commerce best seller products, highlighting the best items of your catalog that may be interesting for your target.
  • ]]>
    770360 69.99 Fri, 19 Jun 2015 09:06:46 +0000
  • You will be able to highlight brands of the products you sell (through widgets, sliders, by ordering brands by alphabetic order, etc.) thanks to which your e-commerce will be highly renowned.
  • You will improve your e-commerce usability by spotting products of specific brands easily and quickly.
  • Your customers will be able to filter products by brand and find those they are interested in easily
  • ]]>
    764523 79.99 Mon, 17 Aug 2015 08:41:02 +0000
  • You will save time by applying editings to more products at the same time without accessing, changing, and saving every product singularly. For example, you will increase or decrease the price of several products with just one click.
  • You will have full control over the fields to be chosen, custom fields included, to edit your products in a massive way.
  • ]]>
    769007 74.99 Tue, 03 Feb 2015 15:41:51 +0000
  • You will be able to boost your sales by informing users about promotions and offers during the checkout process;
  • You will be able to increase the average order value by notifying users about the amount to spend to benefit from a discount or free shipping.
  • ]]>
    760173 59.99 Wed, 18 Feb 2015 14:32:16 +0000
  • You can disable purchases on your e-commerce and turn it into a simple online catalog;
  • You can enable purchases only to users registered on your site;
  • You can disable the Add to cart button or the price only on specific products or categories;
  • You can add a custom call-to-action on the product pages to encourage users to apply the action you want (e.g. contact you on the phone or via email).
  • ]]>
    760867 49.99 Mon, 06 Jul 2015 16:08:08 +0000
  • You will improve your e-commerce usability by making the navigation of your products and categories easier
  • You will enhance product pages appearance with a versatile and innovative solution already used by the best e-commerce store.
  • ]]>
    766710 49.99 Fri, 22 Apr 2016 09:24:15 +0000
  • You can create and add unlimited custom fields to your checkout page, show them as simple text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, multiple selects and drag and drop them to arrange them on the page.
  • You can improve the usability of your checkout page, customize the graphical appearance of every field and add labels and tooltips to help the user fill out the form with their information.
  • You can customize the standard Shipping, Billing and Additional notes fields and choose whether to sort them in one or two columns (default WooCommerce option).
  • Thanks to the Javascript Field Validation you can set up a real-time check of the input information in mandatory fields and ask the user to correct any possible error immediately before going on with the payment.
  • ]]>
    785886 299.99
    179.99 Tue, 09 Jun 2015 12:00:48 +0000
  • You can offer a clear and complete overview of all the options available for the products of your e-commerce, regardless of which and how many;
  • You will improve the purchase experience for your customers who will be able to choose easily and quickly, in a few clicks, the best options for their needs.
  • You will show the options available for your products with icons or custom images so to have a more usable and captivating interface.
  • ]]>
    765341 69.99 Tue, 14 Jul 2015 10:32:15 +0000
  • You will offer your customers a wide overview of the main features and functionalities of your products helping them choose the best solution for their needs.
  • You will improve your e-commerce usability and user-experience by preventing doubts that may interfere with the final sale.
  • ]]>
    52780 63.99 Thu, 16 Jul 2015 11:57:17 +0000
  • You will loyalize your customers by sending a discount code on their birthday;
  • You will be able to encourage your customers to purchase by sending them a “reward” coupon if they have spent a specific amount or placed a certain number of orders;
  • You will be able to encourage users to go back to your e-commerce by sending an automatic coupon after a certain configured period since their last activity.
  • ]]>
    766767 69.99 Fri, 10 Jul 2015 10:00:08 +0000
  • You will be able to create new, ad hoc, and unlimited custom order statuses according to your e-commerce requirements.
  • You will be able to have advanced management and control of every order status, from the purchase to the delivery.
  • ]]>
    766834 69.99 Tue, 31 May 2016 08:06:00 +0000
  • It allows you to have a wider overview of your customers’ preferences in addition to the one got through Analytics
  • You will increase conversions by sending custom offers to users, depending on their searches or on products they viewed more frequently.
  • ]]>
    792579 299.99
    299.99 Tue, 10 Nov 2015 15:46:08 +0000
  • You will fully manage the information to show to your customers on My Account page
  • You will be able to create tailored promotions and show them to users on the most viewed area, encouraging them to place a new order
  • You will be able to show information depending on user roles and manage it into sections and menus to make the My Account dashboard even more usable.
  • ]]>
    773813 69.99 Fri, 01 Jul 2016 09:25:09 +0000
  • You will offer your customers an advantageous purchasing process customized for their needs allowing them to set an ad hoc delivery date and time;
  • You will increase orders for the products that users will need to receive later, due to a business trip, a vacation, etc. to prevent them from postponing their purchase.
  • ]]>
    792458 299.99
    299.99 Tue, 01 Dec 2015 11:06:52 +0000
  • You will sell products and services for which it’s better to request a deposit such as the rent of a room for an event, a tailor-made high fashion cloth, etc.
  • You will loyalize your customers by allowing them to pay only a part of the product beforehand enhancing trust and reliability.
  • You will offer a positive service to customers who can’t pay the whole amount beforehand avoiding to lose their orders.
  • ]]>
    772371 119.99 Fri, 03 Jul 2015 12:45:20 +0000
  • You will be able to create targeted offers based on the quantity purchased or on products added to cart, etc.
  • You will be able to increase the average of order value through discounts and offers on the quantity.
  • You will be able to enable offers only for certain users or on specific conditions (for a given number of products in the cart, after a specific number of orders placed by the user, etc.)
  • ]]>
    765781 99.99 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 12:03:33 +0000
  • You will be able to customize in an advanced way the template of every email by adding, for example, your logo, custom links, a footer with tailored contents and links to social networks;
  • You will be able to choose among four layouts created by YITH’s UX/UI Designers, designed with a graphic style adjustable to any need.
  • ]]>
    766788 69.99 Fri, 11 Sep 2015 09:18:28 +0000
  • It allows you to be compliant with the European Law in an easy and quick way;
  • It allows your customers to filter products by energy consumption and to make conscious purchases.
  • ]]>
    770479 59.99 Mon, 13 Apr 2015 14:23:53 +0000
  • You will be able to charge automatically the correct VAT for all of your e-commerce transactions;
  • It allows being compliant with the European laws for transactions related to digital goods.
  • ]]>
    762150 79.99 Mon, 14 Sep 2015 16:24:28 +0000
  • You will be able to create product pages with a deep emotional impact, adding a professional video as a presentation;
  • You will be able to provide a complete overview of the product you sell by adding pictures shot from different angles or of different ways of usage;
  • You will be able to add sample audio files to products like video courses or audio books with playlists.
  • ]]>
    83390 59.99 Fri, 22 May 2015 16:21:18 +0000
  • You will take advantage of the social proof strategy to encourage users to purchase the products usually bought by other customers and therefore increase the average value of the order;
  • You will be able to use the plugin to suggest related products that can be interesting to your customers so as to boost your e-commerce conversions. (E.g. e-commerce suggesting a memory card to users purchasing a camera can increase the monthly turnover of 12%)
  • ]]>
    764242 69.99 Thu, 22 Oct 2015 11:48:53 +0000
  • You will increase your conversions during the holidays allowing your customers to give gifts to friends and relatives without stressing out to search for specific products (everyone loves gift cards and for this reason, 98% of the stores sells them for a turnover of 100 trillion dollars per year!).
  • You will promote your e-commerce to those receiving the gift card getting and loyalizing new customers over time.
  • ]]>
    772130 119.99 Mon, 20 Apr 2015 07:13:00 +0000
  • You will be able to register your e-commerce customers to MailChimp lists in an easy and fast way;
  • You will be able to outline your customers depending on their preferences;
  • You will be able to create focused campaigns for every customer type.
  • ]]>
    761895 69.99 Tue, 17 Nov 2015 16:21:02 +0000
  • You will use memberships as a business tool: the most effective solution if you want to sell video courses, lessons, consultancies.
  • You will create specific areas on your sites with a restrict access only to those customers who have purchased the membership.
  • ]]>
    774073 99.99 Wed, 16 Sep 2015 13:55:17 +0000
  • You will be able to create a wholesale business making sure your customers can purchase only specific product quantities;
  • You will be able to effectively analyze the correlation between production, shipping costs and the income to define the minimum quantity that allows you to amortize expenses and get a profit.
  • ]]>
    770721 59.99 Mon, 04 May 2015 11:16:54 +0000
  • You will be able to create a complex marketplace as a business model in an easy and fast way;
  • You will be able to generate a passive income on the sales made by users that will publish their products on your e-commerce;
  • You will increase your e-commerce renown and steadiness thanks to a varied catalog in constant growth;
  • You will be able to organize focused marketing campaigns and keep control of the whole e-commerce by monitoring orders, incomes, reviews, etc.
  • ]]>
    761967 99.99 Wed, 22 Jul 2015 14:47:53 +0000
  • You can set the checkout type that your users prefer: many A/B split tests have proved that online buyers prefer a neat view without too many fields on the same page when ending the checkout process.
  • You can substantially reduce the percentage of abandoned carts caused by a too long checkout page and with too many fields to fill in.
  • You can reduce the number of steps and the cognitive effort required to the user by combining some steps of the checkout process into one (Billing & Shipping, Order info & Payment).
  • ]]>
    766520 69.99 Mon, 09 Nov 2015 14:55:58 +0000
  • You will easily manage donations received from the users of your site;
  • You will be able to set a minimum and maximum amount for your products and suggest users the best price;
  • You will be able to analyze market prices and strengthen the connection with your users by letting them choose the value of contents and products you offer them.
  • ]]>
    773733 54.99 Fri, 18 Sep 2015 13:38:24 +0000
  • You will make the purchasing process easier and quicker reducing the percentage of abandoned carts and pending orders.
  • You will improve the user experience during the checkout process.
  • ]]>
    770907 69.99 Fri, 30 Jan 2015 11:02:17 +0000
  • You will improve the quality of your customer service by offering transparency and professionalism;
  • You will reduce the workload of your customer service by offering an automatic tracking of orders so as to decrease the number of phone calls or emails related to the orders status;
  • You will loyalize your customers by offering them a complete overview of their orders, shipping times, estimated delivery, etc.
  • ]]>
    757822 65.99 Tue, 17 Feb 2015 09:56:42 +0000
  • You will be able to simplify the creation and management of invoices generated by your e-commerce;
  • You will be able to manage the synchronization on Dropbox so as to have invoices safely stored online;
  • You will be able to customize invoice templates and make them more professional and in line with the company look;
  • Your customers will be able to download invoices directly from their My account page.
  • ]]>
    760628 79.99 Thu, 11 Feb 2016 16:12:40 +0000
  • You will be able to recover most of the orders not completed by your customers;
  • You will know if there is a common reason for not completing the orders so to correct possible errors or gaps in the purchasing process;
  • You will have the possibility to encourage users to complete their order by sending them a coupon valid for the purchase.
  • ]]>
    778758 59.99 Thu, 17 Sep 2015 15:11:40 +0000
  • Collector schemes are a powerful marketing tool: they help loyalize customers who will prefer to purchase on the same store to get reward points.
  • You will encourage customers to purchase again and spend more to collect points and achieve their goal (47% of buyers complete the collection of points to get a coupon or a free product).
  • ]]>
    770846 99.99 Fri, 05 Jun 2015 19:12:20 +0000
  • You will be able to use a popup to highlight offers, promotions, and news related to your products;
  • You will be able to choose when showing the popup (when loading the page, on a specific condition, when a user is about to leave your e-commerce, etc.)
  • You will be able to create your mailing list encouraging users to insert their email address in a form within the popup in exchange of a coupon or a gift.
  • ]]>
    765123 59.99 Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:00:10 +0000
  • You will sell customizable products to your users aiming your business at another market niche;
  • You will increase the average value of orders by offering users extra services in which they are probably interested.
  • ]]>
    779720 399.99
    399.99 Tue, 21 Jul 2015 11:00:20 +0000
  • You will be able to take advantage of marketing strategies based on bundles, offering different products at a special price and, therefore increasing conversions in your e-commerce;
  • You will increase the average order value by creating targeted gathered products (by grouping by bundle products often purchased together or related products) to encourage users to purchase them.
  • ]]>
    767446 79.99 Fri, 26 Jun 2015 13:07:30 +0000
  • You will increase conversions by taking advantage of the scarcity principle, encouraging your customers to purchase certain products immediately and available only with a limited quantity.
  • You will boost your sales relying on the urgency strategy by creating tailored offers available only for a certain time span.
  • ]]>
    765609 69.99 Fri, 12 Jun 2015 15:19:21 +0000
  • You will improve your e-commerce interface and usability simplifying the interaction with your users.
  • You will be able to choose the products or categories to highlight through sliders inserted in ad hoc spots of your e-commerce.
  • ]]>
    765590 59.99 Tue, 30 Jun 2015 10:40:29 +0000
  • You will increase your sales and reduce the number of abandoned carts by clearing those doubts that can interfere with the purchasing process directly from product pages.
  • You will reduce return and refund requests by giving further information about the product and offering your users a clear overview.
  • You will have an analysis tool related to questions your users ask more frequently or features they mainly search for on every product and information that need to be highlighted.
  • You will be able to encourage your users to take an active part in your e-commerce and to personally reply to questions related to products they have previously purchased (like on Amazon).
  • With a well-structured Q&A section, you will improve user- experience and reduce customer care work.
  • ]]>
    764750 69.99 Mon, 18 Apr 2016 08:47:10 +0000
  • You will avoid your user to insert data that may slow down and make the checkout process complicated causing cart abandonment.
  • By making the checkout process easier and faster, you will enhance the purchase of digital goods getting customers’ data when downloading the product.
  • ]]>
    784954 299.99
    299.99 Thu, 28 May 2015 15:38:53 +0000
  • Increase the safety of your e-commerce shop data with automatic Dropbox backups on CSV files.
  • The export process gets flexible: choose which information to export and how often (daily, weekly, monthly and so on)
  • ]]>
    764341 59.99 Tue, 17 Feb 2015 15:40:03 +0000
  • You will allow users to view product details easily and quickly by limiting the number of clicks and pages to load;
  • You will allow easy comparison of your items by letting users view the product tab in a modal window without leaving the shop page.
  • You will be able to implement and take advantage of a captivating and remarkable layout to catch your users’ attention.
  • ]]>
    760797 59.99 Tue, 13 Oct 2015 15:46:02 +0000
  • You will boost conversions by highlighting products that caught your users’ eye and in which they are possibly interested.
  • You will offer quick links to the products of interest for the users strengthening the connection with them and improving your e-commerce usability.
  • ]]>
    772373 69.99 Thu, 30 Jul 2015 16:46:01 +0000
  • You will be able to recover many purchases left unfinished by sending emails including a coupon to users who haven’t completed the order to encourage them to purchase;
  • You will be able to define how many emails will be sent and the specific span time (after one day, one week, etc.) and to customize their content;
  • You will have advanced control over reports about abandoned carts, visits to the site coming from the emails sent and recovered carts.
  • ]]>
    768104 79.99 Tue, 31 Mar 2015 08:27:23 +0000
  • Sell products and services without a fixed price to your catalog and give customers the possibility to request custom quotes;
  • Hide price and Add to cart button for every product to encourage customers to contact you to receive a tailored offer for their needs;
  • Leverage on the scarcity principle by sending temporary quotes and notifying customers when the offer is about to expire to encourage them to purchase immediately;
  • Easily manage every step of quote process. If customers accept the quote, they will be redirected to the checkout page to complete the order without any further action on the admin side.
  • ]]>
    761533 59.99 Fri, 18 Dec 2015 14:30:16 +0000
  • You will easily and automatically receive good reviews from your users. Reviews are a powerful marketing tool to increase conversions and for your e-commerce to be renowned.
  • Thanks to the coupon, you will encourage users to place a new order on your e-commerce.
  • ]]>
    775732 59.99 Thu, 05 Feb 2015 16:15:30 +0000
  • You will be able to increase the number of reviews on the products you sell improving your e-commerce image and renown;
  • You will be able to increase conversions by encouraging users to purchase thanks to positive reviews posted by satisfied customers (77% of users refers to reviews before purchasing);
  • By integrating it with YITH Review for Discount, you will get the maximum potential from your customers’ reviews.
  • ]]>
    760253 69.99 Wed, 09 Mar 2016 16:00:40 +0000
  • You will manage prices reserved to vendors or partners in an easy and fast way;
  • You will be able to hide prices and add to cart button to users with a specific user role.
  • ]]>
    781334 299.99
    299.99 Mon, 01 Jun 2015 13:15:46 +0000
  • You will be able to integrate one of the most interesting Amazon options in your e-commerce. According to statistics, 40% of users use the cart like a wishlist, adding and removing products depending on their current needs.
  • You will improve your e-commerce usability by allowing your customers to save the products they are interested in directly on Cart page where they will always be visible and ready to be purchased (differently from products added to a wishlist, often forgotten by the user);
  • You will give users the possibility to temporarily remove a product from the cart and add it again with just one click without searching that product on the store to select size, color, click on the Add to cart button, etc. A faster purchase process that increases your conversions.
  • ]]>
    764890 59.99 Sat, 16 May 2015 13:07:57 +0000
  • You will be able to optimize and simplify the orders management of your e-commerce thanks to their sequential order numbering;
  • The sequential order number will improve the orders section usability and will allow you to spot orders data more easily and quickly.
  • ]]>
    763903 49.99 Wed, 02 Sep 2015 15:12:55 +0000
  • You will encourage customers to share your products on social networks improving your e-commerce visibility and renown.
  • You will take advantage of the discount code as a marketing tool encouraging your customers to place a new order and, as a consequence, increase conversions. (30% of customers buying online makes a second purchase by using a coupon)
  • ]]>
    769868 59.99 Thu, 26 May 2016 12:46:02 +0000
  • You will be able to monitor your orders in real time, even when away from your PC, and be up-to-date about new orders, refunds, any possible issue when processing the order, etc.
  • You will improve the customer service by offering to users who purchase on your e-commerce the possibility to be notified about their order status via SMS.
  • ]]>
    791881 299.99
    299.99 Fri, 24 Apr 2015 15:15:43 +0000
  • Users can log in easily and quickly on your e-commerce without filling in forms and inserting personal data;
  • You will speed the purchase and checkout process, increase conversions and reduce pending orders and abandoned carts (23% of users abandon their cart when it is required to register or log in by inserting personal data manually).
  • ]]>
    762459 69.99 Fri, 20 Feb 2015 13:26:38 +0000
  • You will be able to integrate payments with credit cards on your e-commerce.
  • Your e-commerce will gain renown by offering a payment gateway universally recognized as one of the stablest and most professional.
  • ]]>
    760956 79.99 Tue, 24 Nov 2015 12:59:19 +0000
  • Your business will benefit from the most powerful subscription system to generate more profitable recurring;
  • You will loyalize a niche of customers who will renew their subscription on a monthly basis and let you earn automatic and guaranteed income;
  • You will be able to set lower prices for expensive products and services and allow more customers to purchase;
  • You will be able to offer a trial period to your customers and let them test your products so you can push them to buy. You can increase sales by 56% because users are more likely to buy after they get familiar with a product or a service.
  • ]]>
    774498 139.99 Sat, 05 Dec 2015 11:49:15 +0000
  • You will get answers from your users in the exact moment when they are more inclined to do it: during the purchasing process.
  • Thanks to the answers received through surveys, you will be able to apply focused marketing strategies to improve your e-commerce.
  • ]]>
    775079 59.99 Tue, 05 May 2015 07:41:52 +0000
  • You will improve the product page usability by organizing information in an easy and orderly way;
  • You will be able to insert any type of content such as rich technical data sheets, usage guides, video tutorials, FAQs, etc. without interfering with the page layout;
  • You will be able to organize product data as tabs to offer your customers a wide overview and let them spot useful information before they purchase the product;
  • You will be able to benefit from the tabs to insert promotions and custom offers, suggest related products, etc.
  • ]]>
    761936 69.99 Wed, 11 Mar 2015 11:07:50 +0000
  • You will increase the transparency related to sale terms of your e-commerce by offering customers a positive checkout process without gaps;
  • You will allow your customers to refer and read your terms and conditions in the modal window without leaving the checkout process.
  • ]]>
    761446 39.99 Fri, 14 Aug 2015 08:15:36 +0000
  • Your customers will be able to request a custom product by attaching PDF files, documents, images, graphics files, etc. to the order
  • You will be able to manage easily custom orders by getting files and information sent by the user and attached directly to the order page of your e-commerce bypassing any exchange of emails with the user to send files outside the site)
  • You will be able to decide whether accept the attached file or not and start a communication with the user through the order (useful to ask for further details, provide additional instructions, give feedback about the order, etc.)
  • ]]>
    768246 69.99 Wed, 22 Apr 2015 10:52:10 +0000
  • You will have the possibility to create a list of potential customers interested in one or more products of your e-commerce
  • You will be able to notify automatically users subscribed to the list when the products are available to be purchased;
  • You will be able to recover sales by offering your users products similar to those in which they are interested;
  • You will be able to plan a pre-launch for some products and create a mailing list of users before making them available for sale.
  • ]]>
    762155 79.99 Tue, 20 Oct 2015 09:45:49 +0000
  • You will be able to insert your e-commerce logo and name on all your images, attracting new potential customers through search engines;
  • You will keep your images safe from unauthorized use (especially useful if you sell digital products or if you want to keep the copyright safe for the images you publish online such as photos, pictures, comic strips, etc.)
  • ]]>
    772533 69.99 Thu, 12 Feb 2015 08:20:05 +0000
  • You will have the possibility to analyze your customers’ interests and the most popular products in the wishlists;
  • You will increase conversions by sending users promotional emails and targeted discounts based on the contents of their wishlists;
  • You will be able to boost your sales by allowing customers to share their wishlists with friends and relatives;
  • You will allow your customers to keep track of the products they are interested in and to monitor prices, availability, etc.
  • ]]>
    45674 99.99 Tue, 17 Mar 2015 08:29:54 +0000
  • You will be able to offer a clear overview of the products you sell giving users the possibility to view details and specifics that couldn’t be noticed in the standard size of the image;
  • You will offer users an easier and more usable purchasing process by substantially reducing doubts when viewing the product and possible returns due to an incorrect perception of the product features.
  • ]]>
    45677 59.99 Tue, 30 Aug 2016 14:00:34 +0000
  • You will allow your customers to test digital products safely without the risk to damage the demos;
  • You will be able to configure the scheduled reset of online demos so to have the test pages always correct and ready to be used.
  • ]]>
    803180 649.99
    449.99 Tue, 25 Oct 2016 11:00:29 +0000
  • You will catch your users’ attention when they open a new tab in the browser and leave your e-commerce.
  • Even with many tabs opened, your e-commerce one will be the easiest to notice thanks to the animation effect.
  • You will be able to increase conversions by recovering suspended sales encouraging the user to go back to your e-commerce to complete the order.
  • ]]>
    815634 249.99

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