The Apple Tablet – What Will Be the iSlate's Impact on Mankind?

Is the iPad going to revolutionize modern thinking on technology and communications? Will the iPad bring mankind's consciousness closer together than ever before? How is the iPad going to change society and culture. Are we destined to end up like that blind guy from star trek with an Internet visor?

Well, now that it's likely that the apple tablet is to be called the iPad it will definitely not have any disturbing social impact … looking back in tech history on this great product and wonder … “What the hell were they thinking? ” But on the off chance that it will be called the iSlate (a far better and more elegant name) we may find ourselves in a brand new world. And by brand I mean the brand of Apple.

Apple could take over the world with this facing off against it's biggest competition: Google. We all know that the future (and our money) will belong to one of these two companies. But enough of this talk … I'm not writing about corporate politics. Next topic.

Everyone is saying that the iPad will “save print media” if this is in fact true, then this device (iPad / iPad) will indeed change how the world views information technology almost as much as the Internet has affected IT.

Pretty soon we'll be forgetting what “real paper” looks like and be absorbed into virtual reality like we've been trying to do for years! Woah now, let me not get ahead of myself. We're not going to be eat up by computers and enslaved by evil machines … at least not yet. Although, did not one of those terminators have the apple logo on it?

Ok, lets get serious. The iSlate or iPad probably will not be game changing, but it will be really really cool and convenient for a bunch of reasons, but we will not know why we want it till we see it.

Stay tuned, next Wednesday will be Judgment day!

UPDATE: The iPad (bad name) is here! Just got informed! So come back for more!

Source by Kalki Gillespie

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