Taking Care of Your BlackBerry Playbook – Why It Is a Must for This BlackBerry Pad

Congratulations on purchasing your BlackBerry playbook. This 7-inch tablet is a wonderful, powerful machine that I'm sure you'll grow to love. Whether you purchase the 16, 32, or 64 GB version, all of the tablets have their own cleaning and caring specifications that need to be recognized before exploring the world of this fascinating tablet.

Measuring less than half an inch, and weighing less than a pound the first thing you'll notice on the BlackBerry Playbook is the vivid 7 inch high-resolution display. Crystal-clear HD quality video is one of the main features of this tablet, but keeping it clean and fingerprint-less can often be quite a challenge. The tablet does come with a microfiber cleaning cloth, which will often be your best friend. Dust, prints, smudges, and smears will really ruin your viewing experience with the BlackBerry pad. The complementary neoprene case that comes with your device can hold this microfiber cleaning cloth perfectly. The case itself will not damage the screen, as its material is scratch resistant. I always carry the microfiber cloth behind my device in the case and it travels with me everywhere I go.

When cleaning your device with the cloth, be sure to clean the front and backside cameras. Just like any photographer takes great pride in cleaning their lenses, you should take the same pride in cleaning your rear and front facing cameras.

When looking straight on to your BlackBerry Playbook, you'll notice that the device comes with two built-in speakers on the left and right side of the tablet. This stereo experience is a major selling point for the BlackBerry pad, but can also be a source where dirt and grime is held. Make sure that no gunk enters the side speakers and if it does, blowing a little bit of air as if it were an original Nintendo game can often resolve most problems.

On the bottom of the device, you'll see HDMI, USB and power ports, which can be a major trap for dust and dirt. Any regular can of computer cleaning compressed air can be used to rid these nooks and crannies of any harmful particles.

On the top of the device you'll see a headphone input, built-in microphone, and power, volume, and pause / play buttons. While the top buttons are sealed in and are not bulky enough to be knocked or damaged, the headphone jack does contain a little nook where crumbs can enter. Again, just be careful when eating your daily muffin while reading the newspaper, that you do not get any blueberry scraps in the headphone jack.

Of course as with any device damage, scrapes, nicks, and scratches are inevitable. There are many good cases available for the BlackBerry Playbook, but the included neoprene case does the job just fine. Do not stress, it's only technology. The main thing is that you enjoy your BlackBerry tablet.

Source by Lucas Martling

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