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Alienware vs Rockdirect vs Dell : Finding the Best Gaming Laptop

So you want to buy a gaming laptop. But not just any old gaming laptop, you want to buy the best gaming machine on the planet, the best gaming machine money can buy — the fastest, the most powerful, the ultimate kick-ass, take no prisoners, meanest motherboard of all gaming laptops. Well, there’s some good

Think Like a Thief and Protect Your Laptop While Traveling

According to Safeware, Inc., a laptop is stolen every 12 seconds worldwide. The most common places for laptops to be taken from parked cars, hotels, and airports – approximately 12,000 laptops are stolen or go missing at US airports each week. The majority of stolen laptops are never recovered and can cost laptop owners and

All About Laptop Memory

There are lots of people who always endeavor to upgrade memory in a laptop to enhance its effectiveness. In desktop systems, you are usually presented with three or four slots for memory modules but that is not the case with laptops as they only come with two slots. Usually, laptops do not use SIMM and

Things to Know Before Buying a Laptop or Desktop Computer

From the beginning to now, computers have always been a part of our life. People use them for different purposes in their day to day life. In today’s busy life, it is almost impossible for us to pass a day without a computer as they are involved with almost every single task. Particularly, there are

How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop for You

If you want to find the best gaming laptop, then there are some basic tips that you must know. When buying a gaming laptop, you must know your needs first. It may take some time as it requires careful study on a few features. There is no doubt that gaming laptops are a different beast