Electro-self-motive caused the road collapse in California

The use of electric transport, without a doubt, is a very useful and progressive technology. Especially when it comes to compact vehicles like scooters designed to offload roads. However, not always the use of new vehicles has only positive aspects. For example, in Santa Monica, California, electric

Amazon drones will self-destruct in an accident

If the drone from Amazon will deliver you the parcel home, then everyone will rejoice. And what will happen if he not only does not deliver it, but also crashes somewhere in a busy street along with another Internet purchase? This is much worse. Not only can

British police will be allowed to seize drones

In the UK, it’s not easy to streamline the process of buying, registering and managing drones, but they also intend to expand the powers of the police by allowing representatives of the law to shoot down and capture aircraft at their discretion. A recently

Bitcoin began to cost half a million rubles

Yesterday, Bitcoin ‘s rate broke another record – the value of this crypto currency at the Coindesk exchange in the course of trading rose to 8.7 thousand dollars, which is about 508 thousand in terms of rubles. The growth of bitcoin was 5.6 percent and the maximum result