Terrafugia promises a car with a vertical take-off in 2 years

The company Terrafugia, specializing in the creation of flying cars, completes the design of a new product – TF-X. The company’s management confidently declares that already in 2018, its full-size unmanned prototype will “come to the fore”, and the machine ready for sale will appear

NASA develops a plasma engine for flight to Mars

If you believe the reports of NASA representatives, the first Martian mission will be held in 2030. Currently, there is an active search for a variant of the engine, which will differ in high power and economy, which is so necessary for a multi-month flight to

Graphene can become a fertilizer of the future

In the everyday life of scientists around the world, the saying goes “one more day, another way of applying graphene.” Team Sherwin Kabiri from the University of Adelaide has learned to use this miracle material as a container for fertilizer of the future, with the