How to Turn Your iPad Into a GPS Device

The Apple iPad is one of the most versatile gadgets to ever be released. There are approximately limitless uses for it with the introduction of new apps every day. At launch, the iPad is available in two versions, with or without the 3G ability through AT & T. The models with the 3G antenna give you access to internet, e-mail, and other features while on the go. One of the best features that takes advantage of this is the ability to transform you iPad into a GPS device.

With the hardware in place, the most important part is the correct software. Most apps in the app store are going to be designed for the iPhone screen resolution and not the iPad. This means those apps are not going to look as good as an app that is strictly for the iPhone. The great thing is that the iPad has been reviewed as having better and faster 3G connectivity and GPS reception than the iPhone. You now must make sure the quality of your GPS software matches the quality of the hardware.

One of the best apps for GPS on the iPad is CoPilot Live HD developed by ALK Technologies. Currently this is the only dedicated for GPS navigation on the iPad. The app will work in landscape of portrait mode, making it car mountable either way. Maps are stored directly on your iPad for fast access. Some programs download the maps as you travel which can kill your battery and run up the usage of your data plan.

The maps are updated quarterly for the US and Canada, so you do not have to worry about them being outdated. It offers turn-by-turn voice and visual navigation much like any GPS device on the market today. One of the most unique and coolest features is LiveLink which will automatically share your location with your friends on Facebook via a status update. Access your iTunes library and check weather for any destination inside the app as well.

Source by Hugo Widmore

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