How to Read Zener Diode Code

Many technicians are confused on how one can actually learn a zener diode code. There are numerous forms of code quantity indicated on it is physique. The look and form of a zener diode sometimescan be mistaken to be a standard sign diode. To distinguish it, is by wanting on the codenumber on it is body- whether or not it’s a regular diode or zener diode. Because of the producers the place their essential boards are printed with the phrase ‘ZD’ which referred to zener diode and ‘D’ means a diode.

Nevertheless, from my skilled some printed circuit board the marking of ‘D’ can also symbolize zener diode. It will misled a technician into believing a zener diode is definitely a diode. We as a technician or engineer should know or be delicate concerning the marking. The one method to discover out is by referring the code quantity printed on the element’s physique from a semiconductor information e book. With out information e book it’s fairly tough to know the precise zener diode voltage. Should you would not have the information e book it’s possible you’ll go to Google search engine and sort the next code and hope you will discover the reply there! A fallacious substitution of zener diode could triggered your gear to malfunction and generally will even blow your gear. Money and time are loss resulting from that we lack of awareness of determine the precise zener diode voltage. If you’re unable to determine the code, don’t worry as this article are right here to information you to efficiently on how one can learn the zener diode code.

5.1=5.1Volt zener diode

5V1=5.1Volt zener diode

12= 12 Volt zener diode

12V= 12 Volt zener diode

BZX85C22=22Volt 1 watt zener diode (seek advice from ECG PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS MASTER REPLACEMENT GUIDE)

BZY85C22=22Volt half of watt zener diode (seek advice from ECG PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS MASTER REPLACEMENT GUIDE)

Word: There may be additionally half quantity comparable to BZVXXXXX the place it’s important to discover it from ECG SEMICONDUCTOR BOOK.

1N4746= 18 Volt 1 watt zener diode (seek advice from ECG PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS MASTER REPLACEMENT GUIDE)

6C2=6.2 Volt zener diode. (Should you have a look at the zener diode code it’s written as 6C2 READING FROM TOP TO BOTTOM) Do not learn from backside to high in any other case the worth you get is 2C6 which you can not discover from information e book!

I consider many will ask how do I get the voltage for the code of 6C2. Nonetheless seek advice from ECG e book, it’s important to seek for HZ half quantity. That is imply as a substitute of discovering 6C2, seek for HZ6C2 and you’ll get the reply! The bottom zener voltage that I got here throughout was 2.four volt and the very best was 200 Volt 5 watt.

Conclusion- Be alert when checking the half variety of a zener diode. Do not all the time assume small sign diode is all the time a zener diode. Fastidiously observe the marking on the principle board and skim the zener diode half quantity seek advice from the semiconductor e book, ideally ECG SEMICONDUCTOR DATA BOOK which you will get out of your native digital distributor. With this information in thoughts, you’ll be efficiently discover the precise voltage of a zener diode.

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