At the funeral of Stephen Hawking waiting for travelers in time

On March 14, 2018, at the age of 76, a famous theoretical physicist died, changing the attitude toward science among millions of people around the world. On Saturday, a service was opened, offering to issue a ticket to all those wishing to visit the memorial service of Stephen Hawking. Expect even travelers from the future. His ashes will be dispelled on June 15 in London’s Westminster Abbey, on the graves of other giants of science – Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.


Three children of the famous cosmologist, Robert, Lucy and Tim, offer up to 1000 free tickets through a competitive distribution system that will go to anyone who wants to attend Hawking’s funeral if they are lucky. Applicants need to specify the date of birth, but the keen fans of the person who dedicated his life to the mysteries of the universe, noticed that you can specify any date until December 31, 2038. That is, for Hawking’s funeral (theoretically), people born more than twenty years from now can get involved.

Of course, there were good jokes.

“Once Professor Hawking arranged a party for travelers in time to find out if someone would appear if he sent an invitation after the party,” people write. “No one came, but it seems wonderful that the memorial site allows people from the future to attend the service. Look for time travelers in the abbey. “

Potential applicants – including from the future – are warned to report if they can not arrange their own transportation and get a visa. At the funeral expect to see the family of Hawking, his friends and colleagues.

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