Electro-self-motive caused the road collapse in California

The use of electric transport, without a doubt, is a very useful and progressive technology. Especially when it comes to compact vehicles like scooters designed to offload roads. However, not always the use of new vehicles has only positive aspects. For example, in Santa Monica, California, electric cars have caused a real road collapse.

The matter concerns Bird electric cars, which, reportedly, in just the first 5 weeks of 2018 caused 281 road accidents, led to 97 lawsuits, as well as repeated ambulance calls for falls from the scooter.

Such a sharp increase in incidents is due to the fact that the inhabitants of Santa Monica in 2018 massively moved from cars and buses to Baid electric cars. And it happened because of the fact that in California, earned a new service for the rental of these very scooters (which operates on the principle of gaining popularity of karchering). The Bird scooter suffices for 15 hours of use, and for the rental itself it is necessary to give only 1 US dollar and 15 cents for each mile.

Mass distribution was facilitated by the ease of use: just download the application on your smartphone, register in it, tie the card, specify the driver’s license number and everything. The program itself will indicate on the map the place where the nearest free scooter is located. After that, you need to scan the scooter on the scooter with a special QR-code to pay for the use, and you can go to the road. In the evening, company employees are looking for free scooters to put them on charge.

“On paper” everything sounds beautiful, but in fact the urban infrastructure was simply not ready for such a service. In addition to the problems listed above, many users control the scooter while drunk, do not use a helmet and move on sidewalks (which is prohibited by local law). But that’s not all: since there are no parking spaces for electric cars, people block the ramps and throw scooters on sidewalks and near benches, which hinders pedestrians, disabled people and the elderly. The authorities of Santa Monica even decided to prohibit the company Bird to operate until such time as the city has the appropriate infrastructure and the company itself will not receive permission. But the head of the company Travis Wandersanden believes that the usual misunderstanding occurred.

“The authorities are offering us permission to vending, which is necessary for the operation of vans with food. But we do not sell anything from our scooters. Such misunderstandings arise because the existing legislation does not keep up with the rapid development of technology. “

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