Doing Cosmetics on Your Keyboard

A used laptop can onlystand so much damage before it starts to look old and raggedy. But you can do a little cosmetic upkeep on the keyboard to make things a little newer.

Laptops are becoming the norm, rather than the exception. There are scenarios where your keyboard keys stop working on your laptop and you may be thinking of getting a replacement though this should not be your first choice whenever this arises.

Those keyboards take a lot of beating, though. From the spilled juice to food crumbs, they can fast become unusable. Nothing saves your laptop from spills better than just keeping your laptop away from liquids.

Spill a little juice on that keyboard and it will be rendered unusable. Make sure that you have everything you need to replace the keyboard right in front of you. Then read on for the exact instructions you think you might need to get the job done:

1) Shut off your laptop first. Take your flathead screwdriver and insert it underneath the laptop's frame which is over the keyboard. Lift it slightly until you can pull it away with your hands. Next, detach the keyboard from the computer by way of the connectors. Just pull them straight out.

2) Pick up a new keyboard and put it in place. Take your laptop keyboard and place its cable into the port in the motherboard. Then put the new keyboard on top of the motherboard and press it down sharply.

Ensure that all the connectors are properly connected and in the places they are provided to be. This will ensure that nothing slips out later. Then put in a new battery too.

3) Be extra careful when you do any keyboard repairs. If you do not know what you are doing, there is a very good chance you could actually screw something up more than it was before.

Source by Robert Shorn

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