Bitcoin began to cost half a million rubles

Yesterday, Bitcoin ‘s rate broke another record – the value of this crypto currency at the Coindesk exchange in the course of trading rose to 8.7 thousand dollars, which is about 508 thousand in terms of rubles. The growth of bitcoin was 5.6 percent and the maximum result was shown on Saturday about 5 pm Moscow time. During the day,

South Korea will not regulate Bitcoin until it becomes a real currency

Many governments treat crypto-currencies in different ways. They are forbidden somewhere, they see a threat in them, they work out the laws somewhere to be able to regulate the activity of the miners and crypto-exchange exchanges. And in South Korea decided to go the other way and just agreed not to touch Bitcoin until it becomes a real currency.

Developers of the portable melanoma detector received the Dyson Award

malignant tumor that develops from melanocytes – pigment cells that produce melanin. In other words, it is skin cancer. Diagnosis of this disease in the early stages significantly increases the patient’s chances of complete healing, therefore several groups of scientists from different countries simultaneously worked on devices that could facilitate the life of doctors and increase the chances