Uses of a Desktop Computer

When it came to buying a computer a few years back it always seemed that people would buy desks as the laptops were priced a little too high for the masses. This is not the case today and sometimes it can be hard knowing which one to choose. Well with that in mind I have

Toshiba Laptops Leading Models

Toshiba laptops are great devices that come packaged with purpose-designed programs and specialized features. There are many varieties to make a selection from, so making it a tough choice for laymen buyers. Series like Satellite, Satellite Pro, Portege, Tecra and Qosimio have many models under them. The Satellite is a laptop that comes with a

The History of HP TouchSmart Desktop Computer

The TouchSmart is a touch screen computer from HP. This range of computers comes as an all in one desktop PC or a laptop. The operating system used by the HP TouchSmart is Windows Vista and more recently the new Windows 7. Depending on the model you choose it will have either an Intel or

Bluetooth Personal Area Networks

A personal area network, or PAN, is a collection of communication technology devices within the range of one person. When communication between these devices is wireless, the acronym becomes WPAN, or wireless personal area network. In reality, and for all practical purposes, most personal area networks are wireless. For our purposes, this article will consider

How to Turn Your iPad Into a GPS Device

The Apple iPad is one of the most versatile gadgets to ever be released. There are approximately limitless uses for it with the introduction of new apps every day. At launch, the iPad is available in two versions, with or without the 3G ability through AT & T. The models with the 3G antenna give