Apple Recipes For Fall Apple Picking

With fall rolling quickly in it is time to start thinking about the wonderful aroma of baking apples in your home. If you live somewhere where apples grow abundantly then you know what I mean. Apple picking yields many apples to be used in a variety of delightful trips but sometimes we find ourselves making the same recipes over and over again. There are so many things that can be made with apples and they are not all sweet trees. You can actually use apples in cooking your meals as well. The addition of the delightful flavor of apples adds a magnificent touch to a number of meats as well as a few veggies to. Listed are just a few great ways to use all those apples you gain from your next fun filled apple picking adventure.

Apple Pork Chops – There are a number of variations of apple pork chops out there. I found one on the internet, though, that was especially delightful. The recipe pairs the bold flavors of the apple and red onion to make an unbelievably good contrast. Apple, brown sugar, and the onion are sautéed in order to make a sweet and tangy sauce to serve over tender, succulent pork chops. Your whole family will love apple pork chops. You can either search for a recipe online or even come up with your own creation.

Apple Stuffed Chicken Breasts – For this recipe you fill boneless chicken breasts with apples and tasty cheddar cheese to make a creamy, sweet filling. You will be so guided when you cut into the delicious chicken and taste the contrasting flavors of your favorite cheddar and the apples you picked yourself. Rice goes great with this chicken as the stuffing is delicious served with it. Everyone will want this recipe after you make it for them.

Make Your Own Potpourri – When you already have a large supply of apples at home there is really no reason to buy potpourri. You can simmer apples by themselves or you can add other wonderful fragrances to make a more complex scent. Ad a touch of cinnamon, orange peels, a nutty extract, or any other item that has a wonderful aroma to make home made potpourri that will top anything you can get in a store.

Baked Apples – Many individuals follow all these complex apple recipes but for a simple pleasure you can simply back whole apples. There are a number of ways to do this, all you have to do is find the recipe that you like the most. Everyone will love the baked apples and you will not have to slave in the kitchen to make them.

Finally, what would fall without making at least one delicious apple crisp. Needing not much more than brown sugar, oatmeal, cinnamon, and of course apples this is a very simple recipe to make and the warm and gooey treat that awaits is worth every bit of the preparation.

This fall experiment with apples and find something new that will delight your entire family.

Source by Matt Hosty

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