Amazon drones will self-destruct in an accident

If the drone from Amazon will deliver you the parcel home, then everyone will rejoice. And what will happen if he not only does not deliver it, but also crashes somewhere in a busy street along with another Internet purchase? This is much worse. Not only can someone grab the contents of the parcel transported by the vehicle, so the drone itself can fall off somewhere, or on someone else. To prevent or at least minimize damage from a possible drone accident, Amazon decided to equip its aircraft with a self-destruct system. The patent was filed earlier this week.

When drones-couriers will work not only on Amazon and a couple of large companies, but become the usual way of delivery, among them the number of accidents will increase. And if the specialist can quickly make a qualitative repair in the shop, replacing the next part of the device, then during the delivery it will be much more difficult. Therefore, it is better to force the drone together with the parcel to self-destruct, than to sue for the multimillion-dollar claim with the disgruntled mistress of the former poodle, who crumbled the blades of the defective drone-drones. Reasonable.

This will work as follows: special software will monitor the integrity of the design of the device and its individual parts. Having identified the problem, the program will give a signal to the onboard computer of the drone, which, depending on the nature of the damage, will make a decision: to unfasten the broken element or to fall apart completely in the air, unfastening the different modules in turn. This can significantly reduce damage to people, animals or property.

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