A reaction is discovered that is 10 times more powerful than fusion

As you know, the most powerful reactions, during which a huge amount of energy is allocated, are nuclear and thermonuclear processes. But, according to a statement published in the journal Science, scientists have found that in the collision of subatomic particles (quarks), more energy can be released by several orders of magnitude.

As is known, all elementary particles consist of even smaller objects that carry the name of a quark. But not so long ago, scientists began to find signs of the existence of even smaller particles – tetraquarks and pentaquarks. Studying these subatomic particles, it was possible to find out that they must be formed in the course of collisions of unstable elementary particles. And this process, as specialists note, is an analog of thermonuclear reactions in the bowels of the Sun and other stars, only the amount of energy released is more than that at times. As Herald Miller of the University of Washington,

“The tetraquark collisions should result in the release of approximately 200 MeV of energy, which is about 10 times greater than the generation of thermonuclear reactions. To date, such reactions have no practical application, since the particles in which they can occur live extremely briefly. On the other hand, all this points to the possibility of the existence of a stable exotic matter consisting of “charming” quarks. “

At the moment, still not be afraid of creating a powerful weapon, created on the basis of the recent discovery, is not worth it. Since the interaction of subatomic particles with each other is not fully understood. But after all, nuclear energy was not discovered to create bombs.

It is based on the materials of RIA Novosti

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